We're so pleased to see that our passion for Life Planning is spreading around the world. 

Here's a great article from The Khaleej Times - a daily English language newspaper published in United Arab Emirates.

Life Planning is the new definition of Financial Planning - and just that one simple change will, we believe help more and more people to get engaged with planning their futures.  Many of us have deep passions and profound goals in life that we'd love to achieve, but which we have completely discounted because we don't think it will ever be financially possible.  And more often than not, these goals are not all about having a huge house or a fancy sports car. 

Yet when someone meets with a Life Planner, they are helped to picture a future scenario of what life would be like if they had not achieved their goals - how would they feel?  What would they regret?

This simple exercise often energises people to get engaged with their financial life, and with the skills of the Financial Life Planner, they are able to put in place the financial architecture that will help them on the road to achieving their most important goals in life.