It's so exciting and refreshing to find someone doing something new and different to engage people with Financial Planning.  We wouldn't go quite so far as to describe Financial Planning as a 'stale old service' but we understand the sentiment!

We're big on Yoga too at Serenity, so this article really resonates with us.  There are of course all sorts of yogic references that could be applied to Financial Planning - the need for patience, focus, balance and so on, but the point that's so good about this service is that it shows that with imagination, it is possible to make Financial Planning more relevant and meaningful to people.

Yoga changes lives, and when combined with a compelling financial education and planning proposition, you have something very appealing.

Serenity founder and Life Planner Tina Weeks is a huge fan of Yoga, and embodies mindfulness, fitness and coaching in her daily life and client work.  It works for her and her clients appreciate this more modern approach to financial advice.