By Jeremy Squibb - Financial Life Planner.

If you just spend 30 seconds reading and reflecting on each of the 50 penetrating questions below, you are likely to have a huge shift of some description.

Questions which we have all heard, such as ‘what would success mean to you in 5 years’ doesn’t necessarily cause us to reflect as deep as we may, but reflect on some of those below, and we start to be catapulted towards our real meaning and purpose.  

Putting it another way, 25 minutes to stand back and look at where you are – having the discussion with yourself which you are normally too busy to have, may start to ease worries, put things really into perspective, and encourage a profound movement in mind and attitude to take that next step towards something great.

If that doesn’t happen, maybe, just maybe,  something will hit a chord with you, that will have a positive effect on someone, and their day, week, or life may well be changed for the good.

My five favourites are questions 3,7,18,29,48