In the present age, it is all too easy to be pulled from pillar to post, bombarded by well-meant  advice ‘if I was you, I would do this’ – which, on ironic reflection, is exactly what this article is about.

Often, only we know what we actually need, rather than trying to fit in with every other stereo-type, go with the flow, and so on.  As an example, just take notice of the next time someone near you checks their phone for messages, how compelled are you to do the same ?  Now that is a scary instinct.

Deep down, we know what it is we really want, it just takes some uncovering from time to time, and some solitude, and time to ‘put on your own oxygen mask first’ – to take the analogy of being on a plane, is often a key part of moving forward in the direction we really wish to. 

Choose yourself first, then you can be the greatest benefit to those around you…