Although technology is very much our friend in helping to make life easier, when it comes to the discipline of spending and budgeting, innovations such as contactless payments can lead us into an automatic spending habit.  Even by typing your PIN number in, there is almost a second conscience check, even better were cheques (remember them?), and of course, the good old fashioned cash transaction.

Spending £100 in paper notes, always seems more significant than popping a card or phone onto a terminal - there seems to be more reality to the spending.  

The great news is, that by adopting some of the mindfulness (or awareness) practises listed below, suddenly we become aware again of where our money goes, how we can control it, and how, all of a sudden, we can start to afford the things which we really desire - not just fancy (like a piping hot cappuccino with sprinkles on top).

A key point here, is  how we dispose of items which are no longer needed, bringing about gratitude rather than emotional attachment or monetary ego...