With money, you can buy virtually anything.  When you run out of money, you can usually find a way of making more (it may be pretty unsavoury, but there is usually someone who will pay you to do something, or buy something from you).  When you run out of time however, that is it - there is no more.

How often are you just too busy, you can't squeeze something in, the most precious things to you get pushed aside for what appears to be urgent (there is another whole article about urgency and necessity), time is short, and gets to be an absolute premium when you are lying in a hospital ward, terminally ill, hoping that you can make it last until a special family member reaches you to say goodbye.

How wonderful would it be if there were 25 hours in a day instead of 24?  On the premise that people spend 7 hours a day sleeping, that is an extra 6% of waking time.  What could you do with a whole extra 6% or a whole hour?  Maybe the question is better phrased, what will you do with an extra hour?

How about an extra hour in bed, staying up later to watch TV, or something similar?  

Or, instead, how about taking the next few days to reflect on what is really important to you in life, those people who matter most, the things which make you come alive, or even that burden or task  which is continually playing on your mind, and commit to moving that forwards. 

Most of our work at Serenity is about encouraging people to reflect and act on the answers to these questions, encouraging them to feel truly fulfilled through life, living life on purpose, with a purpose.

It doesn't have to at 2am in the morning, but there is a whole spare hour coming your way on Sunday  - so what will you do with it?