It's not easy building and developing a regular daily routine of eating well, caring for the body and mind, and generally looking after ourselves.

Once we have established one however, travel, holidays or being in a different environment seem to swipe at us from the side, pushing us off track. Be it travelling to a diffferent city for work (which if we do often enough, can then develop its own routine - such as finding a yoga session in a sleeper compartment on a train), a two week holiday, or a visit to friends or family, this disruption or disturbance can dramatically cause us to go off track, and potentially jeopardise the regular routine when we return to our normal environment. 

Perhaps the greatest challenge is staying with others who are not aligned with your own routine. 

Does it appear unsociable to head off for a run, to lock yourself away to meditate, or to spend that 30 minutes a day focussing on the project you have committed to? Maybe in our own minds it does, but just think about the last time you had a guest to stay, and they took time out to spend some time on a task they are dedicated to (or turned down a slice of chocolate cake). How did that seem to you? 

Rather than being offended at our guest's need for time, it is more likely that we admired their dedication, commitment and desire to mice forward, and at the same time, opened up a great discussion about their routine. 

So rather than feel ashamed or uneasy of your regular routine when travelling, embrace the adapted version, be proud of it, explain it to others, and act as their inspiration to move themselves forwards.