How often have you looked at the clock at the end of the day, it has gone in a whiz, and you feel exhausted?  There simply has been no time to recharge, yet through the day, your energy has been continually reduced, drained and leaves you shattered.

By taking a few minutes when time allows (which invariably it does when you look for it) there are many frequent opportunities to keep the energy in the body and mind fresh through the day - without having to resort to caffeine, chocolate or anything else which usually keeps us going. 

Taking the time to reflect before acting to a situation enables us to be more productive and positive (rather than firing an email back in anger), taking a couple of minutes to be in the moment and leave the baggage behind before a meeting allows us to be more present, and finally, by feeding the body and brain oxygen rather than artificial stimulants during a lunch break will bring about untold benefits.