Media, life and our 'obligations' all gleefully bring their negative impact their way towards us, continually burdening us.  With such a relentless stream of information and opinion, it is easy to get drawn into, and down the sinkhole of downward spiral.

If however, we can be set free from those burdens, gradually addressing or removing them one by one, we can then move to a more healthy approach to not just our own lives, but those around us as well.  

We probably spend far more time thinking of others than ourselves - spending time on them as our 50% self rather than taking ourselves aside to increase our 'self' to perhaps 90% - at which time we are far more use to ourselves and those around us.

Techniques such as 'thought stopping, positive self talk, a visual reminder of our support network, awareness of patterns, self-care and unlimited dreaming of our goals and potential' all listed in the article below are great steps to feel ever better about ourselves and our environment.