In the article here fellow Serenity Life Planner Clive Thompson talks about a financial hangover after Christmas, and how to avoid it.  People buying presents for each other in fear of missing our etc.

Now, for a moment, cast your mind back to when you were a child - name three great Christmas presents which you had ....

How did each one make you feel ?

And where are they now?

Now, for a moment, think about three trips, experiences or holidays you had with your parents when you were growing up.  Answer the question - how did it make you feel, and how do you feel about recalling that now?

Activities, trips and experiences tend to not only develop us, but also bring us great happiness in the future when we recall them.  My Godmother always used to treat us to Pantomime tickets every year for Christmas - a great excitement, and I can recall those feelings now - much more than what ever material presents I may have been given (apart from my Dusty Bin).

It is well worth thinking about for this festive shopping spree, and what is better, you can save for the trip over a number of months, and avoid the financial hangover which Clive talks about