What happens when you tidy up?  Typically, things get put into piles, filed away, stacked up, put in boxes, lids closed and 'archived'.  Archiving is just another word for hanging on to stuff we don't really need, but are afraid to get rid of it. 

What it doesn't do is cleanse our minds - appreciate and let go, it may be organised away, but it is still there.  Then, when we archive the next batch, we start to run out of storage and room.  Its akin to writing a to do list which is constantly nagging you, whereas, if all the tasks were scheduled to be completed at a specific time, the nagging goes, the brain lets go of it, and we have more space.

De-cluttering - as opposed to tidying, organising or archiving is just the same.  It creates that freedom  - both of space and of mind.  There is of course a method behind this, and Marie Kondo explains it brilliantly in her book 'The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying' - which is actually decluttering not just putting stuff into piles.

Christmas is soon upon us, and our followers of Serenity Financial Planning  will already have read these two articles Presents or Presence and Have a Merry Christmas without a financial hangover!  The article attached below takes you through a series of considerations to help you come to terms with your ever pressed storage spaces  which are about to become even more packed full with 'stuff' :

It doesn't benefit anyone else;

It doesn't solve our debt problems;

It doesn't turn back our desire for more; 

It doesn't force us to evaluate our lives;

It accomplishes little in paving the way for other changes;

An act of permanence, to inspire you, freeing up your mind and your storage space