It is generally easy to think nice thoughts about other people (it is actually easiest to criticise, but that is a topic for another day).  

Now, in case anyone hadn't notice, very few people are telepathic, they cannot read our minds.  If the FBI cannot find a source of telepathic people to be agents, it is unlikely that the people we  meet day to day will have such skills.

The article below is a great example of how complimenting people makes a difference to their day AND to yours.  The feel good factor, the satisfaction of overcoming slight anxiousness, seeing someone's day light up, and also showing care, compassion and kindness.  We simply do not know what anyone else has experienced today, and a compliment can go a long way.

Jeff Haden - author of the article, committed to compliment everyone he met in one day - a huge commitment.  If this seems to be a step too far, how about aiming to compliment just 5 people today, and whilst in our own minds it may feel a little uncomfortable, think of how it lifts the spirits of the person receiving the compliment.

As with all positive action, presents, gifts and benevolent actions, the receiver benefits, but the giver benefits the most, in that wonderful warm feeling.

How about staring off with person selling poppies at your local store, or if you want a challenge, the AA or RAC man ?

Make someone's day - it's not weird, it's just being a caring compassionate person.