There are many theories and books about trust 'Build trust in 30 seconds', 'Be the person they Trust' , 'How to be a salesman and be trusted', 'The Trustworthy Double Glazing Salesman'  - OK the last few may have been made up, but you get the drift.  A whole sector has been created to teach or manipulate people to become trustworthy - ultimately, so that the salesman can succeed.  So perhaps, that sector is the greatest antithesis of trust there is.

Why is it that we trust some people straight away, yet others, we never grow to be strong enough to place our confidence in?  Sixth sense? They have a kind face? They don't wear a pin-striped suit and have slicked back hair?  Maybe it is because the just don't show interest in us - it's all about them! Then, when they have told you just about everything they can about them, its back to them again, for some more words of wisdom.

Trust is defined as "Reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety  of a person or thing"

John Bowen said that the people judge you on the quality of the questions you ask. Carl Richards takes it a step further, by adding that trust is built on the quality of questions you ask and to listen carefully. 

There are however two ways of listening - listening to respond and listening to understand - one is about us, the other is about the person we are speaking with.

The description can now  be taken one step further to :

Trust is built on the quality of questions you ask and listening carefully with a view to understanding what we hear.

That is what we work very hard to do at Serenity Financial Planning where our relationships are very much with our clients, not with their money - because money doesn't actually speak.