What you sow is what you reap, what goes around, comes around, givers gain, karma - the words are all different but the meanings are the same - if you do good to and for others, that will be repaid tenfold.

The great thing about this, is that there are a number of commodities or options to give : your time, your money, your intention, your good thoughts, your smiles, your words - the list goes on. Kindness is not just about putting some money in a collection tin, feeling that you have done your bit, it is more about living that kindness in thought, words and deeds.

However we see the world, is completely different as to how others see it.  No-one has experienced exactly what you have - not even a twin sibling. Nobody knows your thoughts, what you have thought, what you are thinking and what you will think - it is all dependent on that wonderfully rich tapestry of life which has shaped you to now.  Even reading this article, everyone will have a different experience - and that feels incredible just writing these words now.

In the same way that the book of your life has not been written yet, nor has the instruction manual, neither has anyone else's, so we cannot push our judgements, assumptions and views upon them. What you can do however, is to shower the world, and the people and creatures within it with kindness.

It is not just everyone around you who deserve kindness (which will come back to you in abundance), but be kind to yourself - the one person who matters most.  It is too easy to heap pressure, unhappiness and misery upon ourselves - after all, that voice in your head - the one reading this to you now - that is the loudest you will hear.

As you go about the day and evening, especially as the weather turns, people get busy, the stress of being happy for Christmas increases, take the time to practise an element of kindness, to both those around you, and especially yourself.