Now, before we start, this is all so much easier said than done.  Even writing these words, the stories creep in - 'what will they say?', 'will people disagree?', 'what if someone gets offended?' - Here is one answer (well five) to all those concerns and worries  - who knows, it may even work!? Lets just try and find out.

Most of what we worry about never happens, so all we do is become paralysed by fear.  Watch the news and read the press, and you will never go outside.  A great example of this was back just after 9/11 when on a group trip to London, a parent of one of the party refused to let her daughter go because there were sky scrapers in London, and they might get attacked by terrorists.  Yes we have to be aware, but there is a huge difference between being aware and being paralysed by fear and worry.

Wayne Gretzky famously said 'you miss 100% of the shots you don't take' - the same applies to many walks of life - the great trumpet players like Maynard Ferguson don't think about what could go wrong, they just a focus on what is going right - yes there is a very slim chance they could miss a note, but hey ho - there is every chance they won't.

Frequently though, we become overcome with worry.  Logic goes out of the window, all the great quotes and examples are meaningless to us, so what do we do then?

Firstly, get curious about the worry, is it helping or hindering? Is it there for a reason (self preservation perhaps).  When exploring the worry, sense starts to be made.

Examine the worry further - what is the real concern, where is the real source of what is happening here?

Thirdly, use perspective and balance, finding any hidden wisdom which we may uncover.

Accepting the worst helps us to realise that bad as it may sound, once we are prepared for that, everything else is a bonus.   In reality, it is highly unlikely to happen - add to which, every circumstance is different - for instance, remember the last time you really didn't want to go to a party, yet in the end, you had a great time.

Finally, trust in yourself and the outcome, go with the flow, try it and see - by putting your trust in the outcome, funnily enough, the world will not fall apart, and you will work through the worry.