Two great modern Icons, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs both appear in our minds as wearing the same thing every day.  Are they being  economical, lazy, un-creative with their dressing options, or are there greater reasons for this?

Male readers will most probably more easily identify with the ease of getting dressed simply - grab the same jeans or suit, simple options, only complicating the process of choosing an different outfit on a rare occasions.  Life is simple, less decisions, less time wasted, and overall, lack of worry, second guessing and having the added benefit of being ready with a purpose in mind.

It would appear however, that all is nowhere near so fair or easy for women. Can you imagine the looks you may think you would get if you wore the same thing everyday?

Interestingly, Drew Barrymore has adopted this capsule wardrobe approach, dismissing the stereotypical image of women choosing their outfits, and the benefits she has found can be read below.  Lets be honest, it really is not always easy. There tends to be huge pressure on women to continually dress differently, and constantly evolve their appearance.  It may be one of the great unwritten rules, but nevertheless, why should it be so different for women to men?

Push the opinion of others aside, there is a very real chance of greater peace tranquility, stress and greater ease in the day.

Of course, the great difficulty is the impressions and thoughts of others - and whether we take them to heart, or focus on bringing ourselves peace and ease.    Maybe try it, see how it goes - the barrier may well be your own thoughts of what people may think, which is another article altogether.