The Wheel of Emotions - a rather busy and complex theory, yet can be hugely helpful to observe as we try to figure out our emotions and feelings - which too are rather complex.

In the attached article, Ivan Pico works through Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions, examining Joy, Confidence, Fear, Surprise, Sadness, Aversion, Anger and Anticipation by connecting various emotions - just like an artist may combine colours to paint with.  Each combination has a different outcome, and each emotion is ultimately important and valuable, we may just not be able to see it at the time.

The great Pixar film 'Inside Out' is a shining example of our emotions and their relationship to each other and our actions.  Everyone loves Joy, but Sadness pays a pretty huge part as well (in the film and in life).

At Serenity Financial Planning, we study a lot of this type of work, to continually improve our relationships with our clients (that is the important thing, rather than a relationship with their money), and so it was very interesting to find where Serenity is actually situated in this model .

Amongst optimism, love, interest, acceptance, anticipation, joy and trust we ultimately find Serenity, and it is no great secret, that there is where we work towards with our clients, because Serenity leads to Joy, which in turn leads to Ecstasy.