My second encounter with Financial Life Planning was a course run by the father of the Life Planning movement - George Kinder. After welcomes,  he announced we would start with some 'Inner Listening'.  Here we were, sat in some very nice London offices, a room full of ego self-centric financial advisers, and this guy wanted us to do some inner listening what-ever that was!

15 minutes later - we all knew we had come to the right place, were starting on the right path, and, as we suspected,  that this man was in fact wise beyond words.

Inner listening is another name for meditation (just a little less scary or alternative for people new to it).  It helps us leave the baggage of what ever we have at the door, to be present with the people we have committed to spend time with (be it a seminar, workshop or client meeting), so that we can focus on the job in hand, not mentally ticking off our to do list, or getting hung up about the way the guy pushed past us on the tube.

Above all, Inner listening or Meditation helps us to find our authentic selves, being at ease.  In addition to which, it has proven to offer many mental health benefits through continued practise.

There are a few myths to dispel :

#1 Meditation is difficult

#2 I must still my mind

#3 If thoughts are okay, then it's good to think

#4 Meditation stops when I open my eyes

#5 It takes a long time to enjoy any benefits

The attached article deals with these myths one by one.  

It is never too late to start, and after all, we spend hours improving our bodies through going to the gym, exercising etc, how about spending some time on the one thing that controls the loudest of all voices (the one in your head now as you are reading this)  - the brain.

At Serenity we start every team meeting with 15 minutes of Inner Listening, it sets the scene, leaves baggage at the door, and allows us all to move forward productively, and with our focus firmly on those around us.