Many of us have great intentions to move forward with one thing or another, yet doubt creeps in, we get distracted, run out of time, don't feel up to it, or spend so long gathering information, that the time has passed.

There are, according to Patrick Allmond, 5 non-negotiable disciplines of high achievers.  There may well be more - there is certainly a great practise as endorsed by Mel Robbins about taking action within 5 seconds, but that is a story for another day.

1. Having belief in your abilities, and beyond your abilities is key. Deciding that you are going to be the person who can achieve that task or outcome is a massive step forwards.

2. Eliminate Interruptions - we all come across this regularly, email, phone, notifications and so on - turn it all off so that you can stay in focus. It is like the great awakening when someone works in isolation as opposed to an open plan office, all of a sudden, stuff gets done far quicker, more accurately, and with greater purpose.

3. Time Management - first, build into your diary the things which are MOST important to YOU (not to others, as if you miss them, that is where the regret starts to take hold of you).  Then protect your time as you would your money.  Imagine that you 144 £10 notes (or $10 bills for my US readers), and every time someone interrupts you for 10 minutes, you are handing one over.  Even worse is doing something fruitless which you resent for an hour and paying £60 for the privilege.  The only difference is, you can generally earn more money - when time has gone, time has gone!

4. Being Healthy - once you become physically healthy, the more energy you have, the better you feel the easier managing your 'self' becomes.  It may seem odd to suggest to wake at 5am to exercise instead of sleep, but try it for a few weeks and see the difference it makes.  An early morning yoga session can really set you up for the day full of vibrancy.

5. Be Ignorant - also known as the epitome of focusing (rather than being rude to people).  You do not need to know everything, so don't try - just concentrate on the stuff which is really important to you.