We all know of people who had 'bad' habits, yet lived to a ripe old age.  A dear acquaintance of mine called Dank lived well into his 90s, fuelled by pipe tobacco and Navy Rum not perhaps the greatest combination.  Add to that he served on the Artic convoys in WWII and you get the picture of a somewhat hazardous life.

I also know of people who led a very virtuous life, didn't drink, didn't smoke, stayed safe and died young.  So what is it which may make a difference ?

Dr Lissa Rankin has carried out tremendous research on the matter, and yes, some people with unhealthy habits live to a good age, whilst the opposite is true of those without those habits.

Lissa has come to the conclusion, that aside from what we physically put into our bodies and exercise, a number of key things contribute to our longevity - a loving community equals health, loneliness is hugely detrimental to our well being, add into the mix stress, pessimism, anxiety and other mental health issues, we suddenly see that there is far more to our health than just our diet and exercise. 

Our environment both social and physical contributes hugely to our happiness and health.  It may seem strange, but by focusing on what helps people to be happy, in turn, we can deliver intention, purpose, direction, a healthier (in every way) existence, with greater satisfaction, well being and length of life.   By working with our Financial Life Planning clients within Serenity and understanding what is most important and close to them, we can not only build the right financial structure for them, but also guide and coach them forwards to achieve their aims and a healthy life at the same time.

Just like dear old Dank who was always great fun to be around, the odd bit of baccy and some dark rum will not necessarily kill you, and if it makes you happy, that may well be even more important.