Many people associate yoga as an exercise to bend, stretch, balance (wobble, fall over) and develop core strength.  It is however far more than this.

Longer yoga sessions tend to promote a greater level of concentration, of time with the self, mindfulness, whereas often, shorter sessions enable the individual to practise on the body.  The same poses can occur in each type of session, but a calmer, more drawn out practise will start to deliver some unexpected benefits.

Since trying to take her own life, Heidi Williams has been working through anxiety and depression though practising yoga.  This brought her peace, groundedness and purpose.  She now runs online support groups and promotes calming yoga poses through her online presence.  Attached to this article are just a few examples of her incredible work.

Yoga may seem a little alternative to some, yet by regular practise, it has the most profound effects on both body and mind.  It is both subtle and serene, which may well be why many of us at Serenity Financial Planning practise daily.