For our friends and readers in the US, thanksgiving is a great time to get together, sit around the table  and spend quality time with each other, engaging in great conversation.  In the UK, we tend to have a bash at that at Christmas, however, I wonder whether with all the presents, carols, Queens speech, the James Bond film and all the other festivities, if sometimes, that spirit gets a little lost.

Some family get-togethers can be notorious breeding grounds for opening old wounds, being contentious, even giving rise to very heated debates - so, it is best to avoid all topics of political and religious discussion (yes, I know it is Christmas, but try to consider the true spirit of compassion, sharing and giving rather than perhaps voicing a strong opinion).

Below are 10 great conversational questions to share around the table, to listen to, reflect on, admire and praise, and who knows, you may even find out some wonderful richness about those you share your festive table with.