How do some people know what to do, and why does it just always work out for others?  Yet, despite our own awareness and thoughts, things tend to conspire against us, we feel torn apart, confused, full of regret, doubting, and generally lacking confidence in any decision we make.

This is all very much down to having lost touch with our intuition - that marvelous, unquantifiable magic which can lead us to make the most profound decisions which we just cannot explain.  Think back to the last time you acted on a thought of feeling just because it felt right.  How was that for you??   Now imagine what would have happened if you had acted differently, yes, a different outcome for you, but what about the ripples across the rest of time and humanity?

For some reason, intuition helps us to (generally) make an appropriate decision, yet when we are lacking a strong connection, everything seems out of alignment.

On the flip side, when it is working well, and we feel close to our strong intuitive self, things seem truthful, full of freedom and excitement (remember that great intuitive thought when you smiled around the sides of your eyes and they sparkled?).  By listening to the body, we grow closer to intuition, interpreting our dreams, seeking guidance or mindfulness and writing down hunches or thoughts we have (just to see if they come true) we can then move towards the stronger intuitive relationship, and leave behind the doubt, worry , angst, and need to fit it with everything and everybody without really being ourselves.

In the article below, Lissa Rankin explores both sides of this in more depth, giving some great ways in which we can help ourselves.