How many times have your thought, 'wow, I am really grateful for that'?  The question is, how does that gratefulness feel?

Jerry Stocking believes there are 3 stages of gratefulness ....

Gratefulness Stage 1 - that amazing feeling, the most wonderful experience, absolute elation, a great moment or event, just like being a parent for the first time, or marrying your soul mate.

Gratefulness Stage 2 - memorable, post-event thrill and happiness, an ongoing buzz after overcoming a huge challenge far from our comfort zone.  It could be relief for others that they are safe.

Gratefulness Stage 3 - the non-specific joy, such as walking along the street in the morning, where nothing particular has gone well, you just feel good, on top of the world, life is gratefulness itself.

So whilst we can easily focus on Stage 1 as the gratefulness we can shout about and everyone joins, in with, our own personal challenges, our achievements, and our emotions -  those which only we really understand, come from Stage 2, whilst ultimately, the elements which put a constant spring in our feet, a twinkle in our eyes, and a sense of well being, manifest themselves in Stage 3 - grateful for just being.

By adopting this thought and identification of gratefulness, we suddenly find even more appreciation and delight in the good, and make more sense of the challenges around us, as without challenges, there would be far less to be grateful for.

At Serenity, we work with our clients to uncover what it is they are grateful for, focusing on that, their lives and their happiness, rather than just worrying about finding ways to get their money to grow - we help our clients to grow instead.