At Serenity, when working with our Private Clients, we come across many and varied dreams and goals which have been buried over the years.   Frequently, the job or past time which you wanted to do when you were 8 years old, still holds a small candle of enthusiasm deep inside of you yet, years of growing up, school, work, stuff, responsibility and so on, has reduced it to the tiniest glimmering flicker - almost forgotten.

Then, one day, a Financial Life Planner poses some very poignant questions to you, and that candle starts to burn brighter, the feelings of excitement come flooding back, for a moment, before the doubts, doom and gloom come sweeping back, there is a chance of possibility - 'could this be my calling, my profession - everything that I wanted?'

Well, the answer to that, is quite possibly YES.  I wonder, if for a couple of minutes, you the reader can take the time to reflect back on the three things which give you the most joy, the three things which you would regret having not achieved if you were to die today, and the three things which you could talk for hours about, without  even thinking about them?

Pause - re-read the last paragraph, and think again!

So how was that for you?  take a moment, write it down (if you don't it will be gone for ever and that warm fuzzy feeling will never come back like it just swept through you).

So go on - write them down...


That's great, the things which you could do, which you have a passion for, a hunger to share.  Now there are 5 steps towards turning that feeling into your profession - they are explained fully in the attached article, so you will need to commit some time and read further.  

To encourage you along, they are :

1. Start

2. Count the Cost

3. Find your Tribe

4. Create specific deadlines

5. Prepare to embrace failure along the way

So rather than treat this as a little bit of light entertainment, take the step - commit some time, risk moving forwards, risk enjoying what you do from morning to night, risk turning that passion into your profession