If you are looking for that special Christmas gift this year, it may well be that if you google it, 'Not On The High Street' or 'Getting Personal' will be at the top of your search results.  It is highly unlikely, that a simple white envelope poking out of the tree will rank very high (unless of course everyone keeps sharing this article).

'So, what is this envelope business about?' you must be asking by now - surely it is just another Christmas card with a gift voucher or experience day in?

Nope, and before I do the big reveal - akin to switching on the tree lights for the first time, lets take a step back and look at your motives behind that special gift for your loved one.

Start by asking yourself a few questions - actually, get a pen and some paper, and do this - go on, it will only take 2 minutes, and will then not be just another article you read :

1. Who do I need to buy a very special gift for?

2. Why do I want (or need) to buy one ?

3. What is the purpose of buying a gift?

4. What is the purpose of buying a gift for this person?

5. What do I hope will come from this?

Now, there are a number of ways of looking at the answers - one maybe self preservation, in which case, a hurried bottle of perfume may be high on your list (I'm assuming here that mainly men panic shop at 4:45 on Christmas Eve).  It may be for carnal motives (but remember, anyone stuffed full of turkey, pudding, cake, and chocolates may not be in the most of amorous moods by 11pm so don't build your hopes up).  Maybe, it is because you want to bring joy and happiness, to that special person, to give them that very warm fuzzy feeling of gratitude, peace, love and happiness?  That is just where the white envelope comes in...

You need to read the attached article in full to appreciate this, but the purpose of the white envelope is to make a surprise benevolent donation to a worthy cause or organisation - something which makes a real difference to someone, not just 'oh, I donated £50 to charity' - actually go out there and buy something for the charity or worthy cause.  The payoff, when your loved one opens the envelope, they will see, that instead of buying random stuff off the internet or last minute panic shopping, you have carried out a thoughtful deed, to help others and make a difference to many people - that surely is what Christmas is about?

Have a think about the needy causes in your area, and consider doing something to help them, and at the same time, bring about that warm fuzzy feeling of gratitude to both yourself and your loved one.

When we start to look at what people really want, our focus takes a very different turn, which is why, at Serenity, we take the time to explore the true desires and ambitions, rather than taking everything at initial face value.

p.s.  its also probably worth getting a small present for them to open as well on the first year you do this, you don't want to be hit by a low flying mince pie do you?