How many times have you started doing something, only to be sidetracked, then completely forgotten what you were doing ?  Maybe multi-tasking (because we think that is more effective) and forget one of the three things we were taking on - or just do a bad job at them all?  It may even be a simple as forgetting basic information, a name, a number, why you walked into a room in the first place (I once lost a cup of coffee between the kitchen and the lounge - they are next to each other in our house!).

Yes, multi-tasking and technology may be the easy targets to blame, but add in our hectic schedules, workplace stress, poor diet, excessive consumption of stimulants, memory loss of varying levels, or even just struggling to concentrate is becoming more and more common.

The good news is, that there are 5 simple steps you can follow to improve the memory and brain power, and it was interesting to see some of these in use recently (especially tip #1) ahead of the Serenity meal where our partners joined the post-meeting hospitality.  Of course, we all know each other and our respective partners, but it is not always as easy as that for those who meet up just once a year. 

Here are some of the techniques which we can use to improve our own memory and relieve that frustration of forgetfulness ...

Tip #1 - Grouping and Relating - trying to find common links between people, putting them together in groups or remembering a key factor or trait.

Tip #2 - Physical exercise and Healthy Food - increasing oxygen to the brain, and focusing on WHY you are eating - the purpose of it.  You wouldn't put sub-grade fuel in your car, so why do we do it to our bodies?

Tip #3 -Sleep - yes, the body needs two sleep zones, one to repair the body, the other, to repair the brain. The brain sleep is the first to be sacrificed, so good sleep is a must - otherwise we start to make unwise decisions about everything we do.

Tip #4 - Meditate - time taken to intentionally rest the brain, to let go, not follow thoughts and stories.  

Tip #5 - Reduce Stress - probably easier said than done, however again, this links into all of those above, and practising being mindful, deep breathing, and pausing before action.

Combine these 5 tips, and you will be amazed at the impact it has on not only your memory, but also your whole self and wellness.