Recently, I wrote about the power of hugging our children (when perhaps that is the last instinct) when their behaviour becomes a challenge.  They have a very different agenda to ours, they have their own demands, needs,  desires and tolerance levels, all of which are nothing like our anticipations.

Having focused on the content of the article, working hard to defuse the demands of dolly at breakfast time, the forgetting of the swimming bag on the way to school, and the encouragement of other various dramatic tasks, now feeling a little more confident, I thought I would take the challenge head on!

Tonight, after school, I shall be taking two children grocery shopping.  That fun experience of so much stuff at hand level, random aisles with wonderful bargains, food we do not need, and so on.

The point, other than filling the cupboards, and giving me some writing content, is to intentionally focus on mindfulness and purpose.  I am deliberately heading towards a potentially stressful situation to see what happens, how I handle it, and what benefits arise from the experience.

Tomorrow, I shall write about how it went, who needed a cuddle first, how long it took before I noticed the stress levels rising, and how a mindful approach to shopping can actually work.

We shall see...