Recently, I wrote about an incredible way of making a very special gift - a white envelope on the Christmas tree with details of a donation made to a very worthy cause - the story to be shared with family at Christmas. Not only does this help someone, but demonstrates and teaches gratitude and benevolence to our children, which hopefully then transcends through the generations.

Around an hour after I posted that article, I read of a scheme which a good friend, and one of the UKs leading Financial Planners does at Christmas. He puts a £10 in every client Christmas card, asking them to donate it to a worthy cause, or, if they need it themselves, to keep it.

A lady called Fi Ivin commented on Dennis' post, saying she would love to be added to the list as she knew of a lady who lost her front teeth, and is in need of £1000 for corrective treatment. She had never been blessed with financial ease, and as a result of that, could not afford to have the treatment, which in turn further eroded her self esteem.

Fi has set up a page named The Tooth Fairy, to collect donations to support the cost of the treatment. The full story, and the link can be seen below.

I do not know Fi, or the lady with the dental issues, but knowing Dennis, this will be a very worthwhile cause, and at the same time, it gives you a wonderful story to put in your white envelope for the Christmas tree