The title of the source article for this is "7 Powerful Habits of a Self Made Millionaire" - so I changed it.  Firstly I am not a self made millionaire (or any other sort of millionaire), and secondly, it runs the risk of falling into the 'to good to be true' vein of articles, which nobody reads.  So I completely changed it.

The point of this, is that by adopting some or all of these 7 habits, there is a great chance to move forward with that aspiration which you have.  December is that month when we start to think about New Year Resolutions etc, especially after too much partying over Christmas, and so this may just lodge in the back of your brain somewhere, ready to give you a great boost to the new year.

1. Simplify Your Words - generally, we communicate or talk to people to inform them, not to massage our own ego, so by using simple straightforward terms and words which everyone (including ourselves) can understand, benefits everyone. Remember, the great communicator is one who takes complexity and simplifies it without losing the meaning (in the world of financial advice, this rings true on a very frequent basis).

2. Abandon The Old - remove negative and destructive behaviour to make room for positive, productive progress.  It is better to experience quality once a month, than mediocrity daily (using dining out as an example)

3. Set Daily Goals - a key thing with this is that it helps with your priorities.  By this, I mean YOUR priorities, not those which someone else has set for you.  This in turn, will help you to achieve that really important stuff in your life, leading to true happiness.

4. Be Congruent - the old chestnut- do what you said you are going to do, when you said you are going to do it.  It doesn't sound too tricky, but surprisingly, for many people, it is.  When followed though, this leads to trust, completion, demonstration of integrity and a clear conscience.

5. Make Decisions - have you heard of the phrase paralysis by analysis?  That point when you cannot move forward because so much time is being spent thinking about the right outcome rather than just doing something. Uncertainty is a tremendously disruptive beast.  Using sailing as an analogy... if you want to go sailing, but do not know which way to go, by standing on the harbour deliberating, you are still just standing on the harbour.  At least if you get in the boat, you are sailing!

6. Ask Questions - never assume you know the answer!  That is just guessing and projecting on to a situation, which in turn leads to that disruptive uncertainty again, and possibly to making a less than informed decision, taking you in the wrong direction.

7. Become a Master - dedicate TIME and EFFORT to your purpose and goal.  Those two components are far more important than just throwing money at a situation.  I am sure we all know someone who starts a new hobby or past time, rushes out, buys the best of everything in the hope it will make the path of progress easier, yet fail to apply time and effort to it.  I could be presented with a £4 million violin - it would still sound like a door creaking, yet put a student model violin in the hands of a maestro, and it will sound beautiful.  The easy phrase to remember is "all the gear, no idea" we need to invest (not money) but time and effort into what we do to become a master - there really is no shortcuts.