A great innovation is being introduced at Edinburgh University - Sleep Pods.  

The sleep pod offers students the opportunity to take 20 minutes of downtime, aiming to boost student satisfaction levels, reduce mental health issues through tiredness, and offer a much needed re-charge during the day.

At Serenity, we believe heavily in taking the time to re-set, re-charge, reflect and clear the mind during the day.  In fact, each of our company meetings starts with a 15-20 minute Inner Listening (meditation) session to allow us to settle and leave the noise of the world outside. 

During the day, it is common to hear of the Serenity Financial Life Planners from around the UK practising mindfulness, taking a mid-day yoga session, or filling their lungs full of bracing moorland air.  It is key to us to be the best we can, by recharging throughout the day - even if that seems a little unconventional to the usual 9-5 grind of many financial planning firms.

Despite our very strong beliefs in the benefits of recharging, it seems that not all the students at  Edinburgh University are in favour.  Quotes such as : "They look like… very claustrophobic coffins, cost £10,000 and the university wants four of them." and  "If you want a sleep you should go home and get a proper sleep."  would indicated that not all are in favour of this, and of course, there are plenty of quips which can be made about students and sleep!

Nevertheless, a great innovation to help mental health, encourage effectiveness, and to give the students a greater opportunity of success at university.

If it's good enough for Google, its probably going to be ok for students.