We all know that men and women are different, physiologically, mentally, emotionally and so on. 

Despite what men may think, the female brain does have a lot more going on, thinking, planning, multi-tasking, yet us chaps still try to figure out why women react differently to us.  It is just like biting into an apple and expecting it to taste like an orange - its not the same thing. So as men, we ought to stop assuming that women will react the same way that we would.

Not only do women use their brains more (according to Professor Jim Horne), but their brains are more complex, so naturally tire more.  They need more rest!  Add to that, the hugely detrimental physiological and psychological effects which reduced rest brings, and there seems to be a very definite need for women to desire and have more sleep.  

In the study undertaken by Loughborough University, the ideal additional amount is 20 minutes more sleep for women than men.  Add to which, women tend to get woken more easily as their sleep progresses.

So chaps, don't get the hump when your other half says "not tonight, I am tired, I need more sleep", nor when your 'quietly getting up in the morning' seems to sound like an avalanche to them. 

Apples are apples, oranges are oranges!