Last Thursday I wrote about a wonderful secret campaign to raise £1000 for a lady who required much needed dental treatment.  Never having been blessed with any financial stability, suffering from reduced self-esteem, to then have lost her two front teeth seemed to have consigned her to a future of self doubt, unhappiness and huge self-consciousness.

Then, came along Fiona Ivin with her idea to try to raise £1000 to enable this lady to have the necessary treatment - the tooth fairy combining with the magic of Christmas.

Last night, the £1000 mark was raised in this wonderful campaign.  In just 7 days, 44 very generous people have donated to help someone they do not even know.  I do not know Fi, yet her message really hit a chord with me.

Many of us get a warm feeling from donating to charities and good causes,  however sometimes do not always have a strong sense of how that donation impacted upon the beneficiaries. This feels completely different, making a real difference directly to a person, who now has every reason to smile this Christmas.

Thanks Fi for making this happen