At Serenity Financial Planning, we work in perhaps what may be described as a little unconventional with our clients at times. Rather than being bogged down in our discussions with tax, investment returns, critical yields and so on (all of which we actually do address), we focus on what it is which will make a difference to our clients' lives - their purpose, and what we can do to re-ignite that spark.

Here is an interview with myself and Nel, one of our clients, whose husband suicided three years ago from the very spot where the photo was taken.  We now call that Del's spot.

As you will hear, Del suffered greatly through PTSD, depression, workplace stress and bullying, which ultimately led him to take the only way out which he could see - jumping to his death from a 300 ft high cliff.

Together, with Nel firmly focused on her purpose, to help others avoid the heartache and anguish which she and Del suffered (and she still suffers), we are arranging a fundraising charity concert in aid of Cornwall Search and Rescue Team (who searched for Del for 2 weeks), and for the mental health charity MIND.  We will feature Del's favourite music, played by 4 of Cornwall's finest brass bands at The Hall For Cornwall on 24th May 2017. 

Tickets can be booked here

Enjoy a few of the tracks on this interview, it is only a taster of the feast of music which will be on stage on the evening.

Meanwhile, at Serenity, we will continue going about our business of helping people live fulfilled, purposeful and enriching lives, at the same time, giving them a strong financial plan to back up the excitement of life which lies ahead.