Here in the Western World, we tend to focus on pure science related outcomes (commercial drugs) to ease our anxiety.  All too often we hear of the prescription of drugs to relieve worry, stress and depression.  In the same way that antibiotics pointlessly flood our whole body if we have an infected toe nail, perhaps we do not need to have the whole body awash with every prescribed drug, ten take more drugs to combat the side effects.

At Serenity, we tend to look towards the teachings of the Far East, those spiritual and deeper understandings about the body and mind.  Some may call it hocus-pocus, some may (and have) called it 'tree hugging hippy S**T', yet more and more, in the modern era, we are starting to see an openness and willingness to try to understand the powers and benefits of Eastern Wisdom.

Today, we bring you a Japanese method to relax in 5 minutes. A very simple and easy to remember method to relieve your stresses and worries, to give you focus and some down time to re-calibrate.  How it works, I do not know, but it does give that all important opportunity to direct the thoughts away from upset and worry, and focus on the pulsating feeling.

Just try it, you may be surprised at the outcome, and no, you don't have to go and hug a tree afterwards, simply go out and feel better about yourself.