It's sale season - bargains too good to miss, electronics stores and so on leap onto the TV screen and radio (plus pop up adds these days).

Is something costing £200 a bargain if it was priced at £800 last week?  Well, only if you needed it in the first place, otherwise it is just spending £200 you didn't need.  Remember, a bargain is only a bargain if you were going to buy it, needed it, and had intended to spend the money. Impulse buying is rarely a bargain.

There are five key words to remember at this time of year ...

“But what if I don’t?”  

This phrase helps us to put into perspective the possible purchase, to allow us to reflect.  Would the world really stop turning, or would the very short term purchase buzz be replace with a greater level of understanding and appreciation.

Just try it - you could be amazed at what happens.