A study has revealed a 16% increase in overweight adults between 40-60 in the UK, the PHE 'One You' quiz is however a great conscience check to see where you stand on the health ladder irrespective of age. 

Once armed with the outcome of your test, it is all too tempting - especially in 3 days time, to do something really radical, to make dramatic lifestyle and diet changes, and to go into it all guns blazing - after all it is 1st January on Sunday, so what better day to start??

WHOA - actually, this may be the worst day to start!

A key to change of habit, is to be ready to change. As James Prochaska highlights in his book 'Changing For Good'  to have cycled through : Contemplation of Change; Preparation for the Change; and then into Action are all key steps for helping the change to stick.  By simply leaping into a change of habit, just because of the date, peer group pressure, or some other factor, is likely to leave us amongst the thousands who fail within the first few weeks.

The One You Quiz is a great way to identify issues, play around with the quiz to then see what can be slightly tweaked to make an improvement, and then plan your action - it does, most certainly, not have to be done in the next 75 hours to be successful.

If you are serious about change, a key it to do it when it is right for you, and once you have the right mentality.  A great way forward is Stephen Guise's book Mini Habits - whereby just committing to one thing each day - be it drink a glass of water instead of eating a biscuit, or committing to walking for just 10 minutes, is in fact a great catalyst to start the ball rolling.  My personal mini habit, is to aim to get both feet on the bedroom carpet by 5:15 each morning - that is the hard work done, moving from a warm cozy bed.  The rest of the morning then just happens.  The mini habit is key.

At Serenity Financial Planning, one of our big challenges is to manage peoples' enthusiasm for change so that it does remain sustainable, and not a flash in the pan.

So before you make whole scale changes across your life, just take a minute, think, prepare, plan, and then figure out a few small changes you can make to start with.