Once the head clears, and all those wild promises of New Year Resolutions have hit home, it is probably a good chance to take a step back an figure out what is really important to you.

There are many ways we can figure this out, bucket lists, priority planners, and of course, the famous George Kinder's 3 Questions which we use with our clients at Serenity Financial Planning.

Bearing in mind the likelihood that more heads will be thumping this morning than not, rather than take a deep dive, lets have a different way to ponder what lies ahead.


Where you spend your time, should be where your most important priorities lie.

1. Make a list of priorities in order of importance (and here is a tip - work does not take precedent over family, as you would still care for your family if you lost your job)

2. Re-visit the list, and add in all the things you have forgotten

3. Put sleep at the top of the list - most people forget that, yet it eats up around 30% of our lives

4. Allocate how much time you feel you should dedicate to each (daily to start with, with a different allocation for unusual days and weekends)

5. For the next week, keep a note of where your time actually goes

6. Compare your ideal day / week and the actual in terms of time allocation

7. Start to figure out what you can trim back on to make room for the things which are most important (another tip - TV is a great source to give you more time)

8. Review again after another week

9. Review again after the third week

10. See how your priorities have changed, and energy may have increased by the end of the month.

You do not need to share this with anyone, however, I use a spreadsheet for this when working with clients, which helps put this into graphical terms.  Just email me at jeremy@serenityfp.com and it's yours.