Have you ever sat with someone you have never met before, just briefly, and all of a sudden, it feels as if they have been in your life for ever?

Recently, at our Serenity Financial Planning Christmas bash, we had some new introductions to make. With new Life Planners come new partners, and so the usual round robin of trying to remember everyone's names started. Ian Kemp and his wife Tess had the unenviable task of remembering around 20 other names, faces and just an ounce of detail.

For anyone who has met the Serenity team, they will, I am sure agree, that it is like one big family  (a family which gets on, not squabbles over Trivial Pursuit at Christmas), and when we get together, it is such an uplifting experience.  When I came across the attached article, it suddenly reminded me of that night out when my wife Rach, met Ian and Tess.

We had to be heading back to Cornwall on an early train the next morning, so did not plan on hitting the West End too hard that night and  agreed to be back at the hotel at a sensible hour. Then, Rach met Tess, and the most wonderful relationship started.

Despite being over 20 years apart in age, within 5 minutes, you would think the two of them were long lost friends (maybe the were from a previous incarnation), and pretty much everyone of the 7 signs  attached were evident - especially number 3  - You lose track of time around them. In fact, time seems to stand still when you are together...

For Ian and I, it was a wonderful experience, to see such comfort, happiness, ease and interest in two people coming together for the first time, and for Rach and Tess, it was, I am sure, the start of a long and happy friendship.  It reminded me very much, time and time again, of how special the team at Serenity are.  Each and every one are a pleasure to spend time with - a soul group beyond compare who it seems I have known for years, and cannot imagine a time without them.  In addition to that magic, we also have some pretty funky music on our video ... click to watch and listen

Enjoy the article and video, and I wonder how many people you can resonate with which fit into the 7 signs of soul mates or groups...