Over the past few weeks, many of us will have entertained, hosted, or stayed with family and friends.  Whilst it is tempting to sit back and put our feet up, enjoying the hospitality, by the same token, having a houseful of people doing the same to you may start to feel a little Victorian as we rush around endlessly, serving our 'masters'.

Rather than having the mindset 'next year, I am not going to do a thing when I visit..' which will only end up creating angst, and probably an unhealthy atmosphere to start (as you actively seek out ways to be awkward which you would not normally do), by being the best guest you can, there is a chance you can shift the paradigm. 

If you cannot change others, you can at least change yourself - and after all, that is the one who you have the most conversations with (as you are now in your head).

6 great ways to be a great guest irrespective of budget follow - so whether you feel over-shadowed by the affluent traveller who arrives with a case of caviar and  Champagne, or whether your budget only stretches to Pringles and Vimto, you can leave a lasting impression (and a good one) at everywhere you visit in the year ahead...

1. Put Extra Thought or Effort Into the Gift You Bring

2. Share the Work and Expense of Meals However You Can

3. Be an Asset to the Household

4. Think of Your Host While You're Out and About

5. Be Good Company

6. Don't Let Your Host Spend Money on You If You Can't Reciprocate