It seems that the humble Cornish Pasty may not be as bad for you as you first think.

In this interesting article, a 'large' pasty contains 774 calories, 45g of fat and 21g of saturated fat. A large pasty from the shop where I buy mine would be at least double that I suspect, they are commonly described as 'gurt lousters' - very large ones!

OK, so that level of fat may not quite be the recommended daily intake, but lets look at what else we may eat on a regular basis.  Compare the pasty with McDonalds cheeseburgers, Skittles,  Doritos, Babybel, grapes, kale, gummy bears, ketchup, cola, cider, bacon sandwiches and so on, and you can soon start to put that cheeky pasty a day when you are in Cornwall into perspective.

Maybe a pasty a day may not keep the doctor away for long, but sometimes, you need a special treat to help you along the way, and remember, the bigger the pasty, the more vegetables and meat you get!