OK, so there are more than 11 annoying habits which people exhibit.

The good people at Brightside, which I find to be a great source of information and inspiration, have put together some great graphics for 11 of the more annoying habits you are likely to come across.

Annoyances can be viewed in 2 ways - one, we can let it fester, frustrate us, and lead to even greater anger, the other, is to look for the humour in them.

Be it for just today, or for the rest of this week, have some fun, allow yourself to find the humour, and play 11 Annoying Habits bingo. Tick them off as you see or encounter them (or even do them yourself - that of course will be the real prize, as you change your behaviour).

So whether you are travelling, being inquisitive, invading someones space, announcing your arrival, or losing yourself in your phone, tick them off the list. The prize - the best of all, a far healthier relationship with those around you.

Have fun...

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life.