Now is probably about that time when all those good New Year intentions are starting to fail.

Of course, it's not always that simple to make huge radical changes - even when we are fully committed and motivated. 

Rather than throw everything at the kitchen sink all at once, here is a great step by step, week by week, plan to make gradual changes, and then, you will be amazed at the difference.

Week 1 of action is concerned with the health of the body and mind:

 i) an earlier start to get motivated for the day (I know that may sound strange but it really does work);

ii) Cutting out detrimental intake (that's junk food and substances) and fuel the body properly;

iii) With the new found energy and vibrancy - to start to move - be active.

Week 2 brings some organisation to your life (remember, you have more energy and time to do this by now)

i) tidy up your space - at home, at work - just de-clutter as per this article 

ii) start to prioritise those things you had said you were going to do

iii) freshen up your social life - spend less time with those who sap your energy, and more time on people who lift you up - like this group I found.

Week 3 starts to look at plans, goals and dreams

i) Writing down and putting your plans into action

ii) List those incredible dreams you could not have imagined

iii) Plan things on a regular (daily) basis - to keep moving forwards

Week 4 gets you to look beyond the norm

i) to get out of the rut, live differently - try something new

ii) get right out of your comfort zone.  Ask yourself - does it scare you? and if it does, give it a go

iii) Finally - take a break - some down time - spend some time on yourself

Remarkably, all of these steps fall into the bucket which is Life Planning  - or Financial Life Planning (the difference being that the latter enables you to have professional, qualified advice to plan the resources, both now and for the rest of your life).  Every single one of these areas is regularly covered off when people have that vision of where they really want to be, to live life to the full, and not to be daunted or overcome by the obstacles which are seemingly in the way.

This is where we do our best work at Serenity, bringing just that to our clients - Serenity around their money and life - so that they can make that huge shift to the life they really deserve.