Remember that Monday morning in March each year - that one late in the month, when all of a sudden - WALLOP - you have to get up an hour earlier than normal?  Although the clocks change on a Saturday night, we seem to be able to ride through the Sunday start, embrace the lighter evening, and end up compounding the situation for the forthcoming Monday morning.

Today, my morning started by reading a wonderful email, telling me that the sender had managed to adjust to rising every day at 05:40 to start their yoga and fitness session.  I was delighted, as towards the end of 2016, they had found the discipline and commitment somewhat challenging.

Checking my own calendar, it suddenly dawned on me, that we are only 10 weeks away from the springtime daylight savings, when we lose an hour of sleep!!

Here is a simple 10 week plan to keep up your vigour, adjust to the hour change, and be able to embrace the springtime with full enthusiasm, without feeling like a hammer has hit you between the eyes each morning.

Sometimes, these things are blindingly obvious, yet we still need reminding.  It is not the doing which is the challenge, but the remembering to do which is the hard thing! 

Shifting your body clock is as easy as :

Every Monday morning, set your alarm 6 minutes earlier for the week.  Simple!  In 10 weeks time, that is a whole hour you have caught up.

It also helps to try to go to bed earlier - and I would suggest 10 minutes earlier each week - just to catch up (that is a slightly harder discipline as it requires more will power).

It is as simple as that, start the change now, 6 minutes a week. An alternative, is to wait until the end of February, then do it 15 minutes a week.  

If neither of those two work out for you, I guess it is back to the sledge-hammer between the forehead on 27th March - good luck with that!