Good old Socrates, now aside from many other things, he had a triple filter test when speaking.

The attached video is excellent, and gives us a moment to think the next time we gossip.  First, watch the video then come back to this text.

Go on, press play, it's got great music as well!

So on the hope that you have watched the video, and know a little more about the topic, we can look at it in more depth.  If you haven't watched the video then this will be just like a key point in it - talking (or being involved) without full knowledge - and therefore almost irrelevant.

Looking into the video, and Socrates' triple filter, we start to shut out lies, negativity and pointlessness from our lives.  If it isn't of use, true or good, then why would we want to know about it?  

What benefit is fake information ? NONE - it may cause us to think ill of others, or act in a way which may be inappropriate. 

What benefit do we get from bad information? NONE - again, it makes us think ill, maybe harbour resentment and anger, or be disappointed with someone (and it may not even be true)

Useless information?  - No benefit again to us.  It's just stuff, that causes us to think, make up stories, think things, then maybe act on it.

There are two actions we can take - the first, is to use these filters before we say something - thinking about the impact and benefit on the recipient, and secondly, to screen what it is that we receive.  Watching the news channel is unlikely to bring you much goodness, hardly any usefulness (you are unlikely to be able to change it or take meaningful action), and as for truthfulness - most of it is an opinion.  Just because the BBC said something, that doesn't make it true.  If you need a sudden respite from negativity and detrimental information in your life, don't watch the news for a week, then see how you feel,

Give Socrates' triple filter a go this weekend, and remember, the only true facts in the news are the stock-market figures and the sports scores (mostly).

Together, we can bring some Serenity to your life.