So, who is that most important person in your life? Who is it who talks to you as soon as you wake up, a constant commentary all day until you go to sleep? Who is the one who is the first to suffer the anguish and heartache?  It's yourself, you.

Whilst our conscious focal points may be on others - loved ones, partners, children, parents, religion, without treating ourselves well, we risk being less than we could be for everyone else.

Here is an approach, to do just one thing for yourself each day, and to be intentional and mindful about it.  Be it eating well, meditating, taking time over your skin, your hair, making the bed, what ever - it really doesn't matter, as long as you do it as a treat to yourself, a dedicated act just for you.  

Where this goes, is that you are caring for the future you.  That person, who at some stage will look back and think - 'I used to be like that - what happened, what did I do for me?'.

How would it be if we could treat our future self to something special?  

In the attached article, the mother refers to a third person, and how, when making a fresh bed before going on holiday 'she will appreciate that when she comes home'.  It's like buying yourself a birthday present at some stage in the year, wrapping it up, then bringing it out on the day.  Come to think of it, saving for retirement is a little like the same principle, don't begrudge the amount leaving your pay packet, but embrace the gift you are giving to your future self - a long, happy retirement of fulfilling your dreams later in life - whoa - now that's worth putting 15% away for each month!

So be it personal care for your future health, a well thought out present for your future self, or even a pension plan for your future wealth, find just one thing which you can do with intention, and dedicate it to you.

Together, we can bring some Serenity to your life.