It seems, according to  the attached article, that a massive 41% of over 55s the UK can accurately predict the future!

Although the article takes the standpoint that it is worrying that only 41% of the population know how much they need when they retire, I suspect the figure is actually far less than that.

How many of us actually take the time to stand back, imagine how our ideal 'rest of life' will look, what would make our remaining days full and engaging, and at the same time, predict the exact age we are going to die? Probably very few indeed (I would say none to be honest).

The retirement planning arena is filled with the abundance of worry. Investment growth rates, annuity rates, the impact of draw-down, mortality, the solvency of final salary schemes, taxation and so on.  Add to that, very few people (other than those with a very aggressive terminal illness) know how long we will live for, and all of a sudden, the magic and dark art of knowing exactly how much you need for retirement seems almost something of a fantasy.

Of course, the financial picture is only one small part of retirement. Let's not get excited here by thinking all of our problems can be solved by a decent pension.  Decent to one person, is miserly to another.  Even more important, is the currency of time.  Is it better to retire early, enjoy the golden healthy years, then slow down, or plod on, earning more, building a bigger pension, only to be unable to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

When we know how that full and rewarding 'rest of our life' looks, and how soon we need it to commence, then we can start to plan.  When you have had that deep conversation about all the things which you are yet to do, be it money or time sensitive, then a clearer plan starts to unfold. When you make the big decision  whether to live the rest of your life, or just survive through until death, that is the time when you start to have a greater idea of how much you will need to retire.  A clever calculator on a website will never give you that sort of answer.

We cannot accurately pick this magical figure, but what is possible, is to design the rest of your life, to bring happiness and joy now, with financial responsibility in the future, so that you live that fulfilled life, without the worry of the 59% of those who cannot predict the future. And anyway, who wants a 'comfortable retirement' have a thrilling one!

Together, we can bring some Serenity to your life