I generally get loads of book recommendations, and of course with technology (Amazon), they arrive very quickly these days. One of the most anticipated for me was Timber Hawkeye's latest book Faithfully Religionless, a great read, which shows a honest insight into his life, his journey and his outlook on life.

Now, before you start stamping your feet, digging your heels in, or having an opinion based on the title, this book is a journey, a guide, and a motivation.

Today I saw a post from Timber, mentioning the book, but rather than trying to sell more copies, he was suggesting that those who own one, lend it to at least 3 other people.  You see, the message is what is important here, not the money.

Ironically, only a few days ago,  I was speaking with a good friend and inspiration to me, when I mentioned the book, then could not find it after searching high and low as I wanted to lend it to him.  Taking a step back, and following Timber's guidance, after a period of reflection, the location came to me - in a bag, with all our travel documents and memorabilia.  Such had been my haste to tidy on return from holiday, that I scooped everything that was not washing together, and filed it in the loft.

I am delighted to have the book back where I can see it, so can now comply with Timber's wishes - if you want to borrow it, let me know, and I hope it brings you some insight, reflection and help along the way.

Together, we can bring some Serenity to your life