Real men do running, press-ups and sit-ups don't they, not wishy washy moving slowly from one pose to another and then doing something called 'dancer'?

Such are the stereotypes and thoughts very much in evidence around society today. Only a couple of weeks ago, someone said to me, "yoga! I am a running, sit-up and press-up man", which is nice for him, (yet to be honest, I'm not sure there was much evidence of that).

What is missed, is not just the regular full body workout of regular practise, but also the mental work out.  Believe me, balancing on one foot, trying to reach the other above you - there really is little else you can think of, it is a great, and hugely rewarding practise.

The excellent attached article from Mind Body Green, looks at the 12 reasons why men should do yoga every day. I can confirm a number of these (which, I am not going to reveal) have made a huge impact on my life, and certainly, I find the daily practise very therapeutic indeed.  

Even if you don't think you have time each day, there are always 15 minutes to be found, even, if like me, sometimes it is in the sleeper compartment on the train.  

Here are the 12 reasons why it is so important ...

1. Yoga builds muscles evenly (a whole body workout)

2. Yoga increases dead-lift strength (helping flexibility)

3. More flexibility means fewer injuries (muscles work together)

4. Improved stamina means better workouts all round (and performance in other sports)

5. Yoga counters the negative effects of other physical activities favoured by men

6. Yoga promotes weight loss and tones up muscles (leading to greater definition)

7. Yoga can alleviate chronic low-back pain (also helps with many other ailments)

8. Better posture provides a boost of confidence (suddenly you look and feel more able)

9. Yoga reduces stress and anxiety (reducing blood pressure and heart rate)

10. Yoga leads to better sex

11. Yoga can help men become more mindful of what they eat

12. People who practise yoga have lower medical bills

So there we have it, a host of great benefits in return for rolling out that mat, and mindfully focusing on the body and the transitions for a short period every day.


Together, we can bring some Serenity to your life