There is a call to action at the bottom of this post, if you do't have the time to read the story and insight, maybe just jump to the bottom, otherwise, enjoy the read...

Back in 2012, I set to work on my own life plan with great support from many friends and mentors - Phil Piggins, George Kinder, Louis Vollebregt, Tina Weels, Rach my wife and many other key people.

As well as trying to find the person I really wanted to be, and how I wanted people to view me (a far cry from the Jeremy Squibb of the past), we had a dream - a dream of taking our children to Lapland to meet Father Christmas. At the time, Ellie was not born, yet the plans were afoot, we started saving and knew when we would go, and how structured we had to be.  

In December, we took that wonderful trip, it was everything we dreamt of and more.  The experience, the travel, the lesson to live in the moment and enjoy what is happening now, not the pre-planned ideas, and so truly savour the holiday for everyone.

The last morning, was great fun, up the mountain for a last play in the snow before heading home.  We snapped this photo of our elder daughter toppling forwards in the crisp white snow, such a happy memory and time.

Returning home, we found that the company we went with  - Santa's Lapland, had a photo competition for 2016, so of course, we entered some scenic ones, and added this one in as well, which to our surprise was shortlisted in the top 10.

So here we are, neck and neck with a reindeer smiling, trying to gather together the most likes for this upside down picture of Em, which may just send us on a skiiing holiday (that is the prize). 

All you need to do is to click through to Santa's Lapland, go to the competition page, click on the upside down photo of Em, click like, and off we (may) go.

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Never did I imagine that the plan to take the girls to Lapland, which brought so much to us by way of experience and learning, would offer yet another chance of a very great experience - life has a funny way of doing that.

Thanks for the support.